April 5th - 2012
Perse 828 is a new concept store where you can buy the most sophisticated clothes, art, and interior design.

This place is an exquisite mix of important iternational and national fashion designers, furniture, and art pieces. From Spain you can find clothes from Amaya Arzuaga, Angel Schlesser, and Sita Murt. From Brazil Vania Nielsen with accessories. From United States you can find exclusive clothes from Theory, Theyskens Theory, Elizabeth & James, Phillip Lim, and Jason Wu.

Perse 828 also supports Colombian designers such as María Elena Villamil, Renata Lozano, Leal Daccarett, Paula Mendoza, Carolina Sepulveda - ALDEA, and bed clothes from Bogota Linen Company. Undoubtedly this Exclusive concept store makes easier to find pieces from the best international with very reasonable prices.

Address in Bogota:Cll 81 No. 8 - 28 

March 29th - 2012
Rossana Castro (Fashion Designer), Nestore Guarino (Audio Engineer), and Miriam Manrique (Lawyer); joined forces and created "EL APARTAMENTO". Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Bogota, El Apartamento is a small place where you can find different type of design: fashion, interior, photography, art, and music; the owners wanted to support new talents and put all together in one place.
The strict selection of every piece is done by the three owners, they want unique quality pieces for their clients. You can find clothes from the well konw brand Duplicity,  sun glasses from Little Lucia, Photos from Juan Diego Ortiz, Antiques, and also a recording studio where Nestore makes his music.
Address: Cll 85 # 11 - 53 Int 1o. Office 301

March 23th - 2012
Jogg Jeans are denomited as the "new era" jeans, they are a short step for DIESEL and a big jump for the jeanswear world. 33 years of incessant investigation and progress. A fusion of two essentian fabrics. A revolutionary product. Secret Scientists from Diesel laboratory have developed an experimental prototype of  a garment mixing elements from sweatpants and classic jeans. An unique fusion of design, and a new fabric which combine the iconic style and the durability from the denim, with a relax attitude and comfort of the sweatpants. 
Jogg Jeans are available in a new knit which uses the same method of demin make, but with a special technique which also make these pants look as jeans outside and as a sweatpants inside.
 These fabulous jeans combines softness, lightness, and comfort; all these in an only garment which can preserve its shape and can also resists every kind of washed.

EMPORIO ARMANI. Spring - Summer Collection 2012
March 23th - 2012

 Clo Clo Echavarria buyer and owner of Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange Colombia invite some bloggers to a wonderful brunch at Emporio Armani Boutique in Bogota. Clo Clo wanted to give the first sight of the spring - summer collection 2012 to fashion bloggers.

Neodesign is the name given by Giorgio Armani to this collection, a palette of icy pastel colors made a beautiful contrast with black which is also an important color on this collection. Volumes in silhouettes named Ring of Saturn gave the futuristic touch, of course the traditional tailoring and the classic mood from Armani was present on this collection.  Exquisite clothes for women and men with magnificent cuts and details in every single piece made the perfect balance of elegance and vanguard.
Three floors of fashion and luxury in the most exclusive area of Bogota is located the modern contruction of the first Emporio Armani Boutique in Colombia, you can find women clothes on the first floor and menswear on the other two. The boutique has a minimal mood mixed with glam touches, you can also find men and women accessories, perfums,  and shoes. 

KIPPLING. Spring - Summer Collection 2012
 March 20th - 2012

Kippling' Spring - Summer Collection 2012 seems to be very sweet!. Most of the new bags are made of denim mixed with other fabrics in Pastel Colors. Kippling wanted to be online with the main trend of the summer  "Pastel Palette" keeping traditional colors like blue and gray in some of the bags.  Some of these bags have leather details mixed with a washing effects in most of the fabrics. Big bags and small ones are available for every type of likes and needs.

CAROLINA HERRERA. Spring - Summer Collection 2012
 March 20th - 2012

Inspired by the sophisticated seventies is Carolina Herrera' Spring - Summer  Collection 2012.  A relax sensation in straight and loose silhouettes can be found on this new collection, most of the pieces can be worn for day to day. Feminine Volumes in cocktail dresses and romantic silhouettes for the long ones are available in white, yellow, and fuchsia. 

 The colletion was presented to a very selected group of people last week at Carolina Herrera's Boutique in Bogota. Some models walked with the most representative pieces of the collection, my favorite ones were the long dresses made of silky fabrics specially the ones with big moles, and a two pieces outfit of a fifties mood skirt and a sophisticated neck loop shirt, it was so chic!!
 Men Spring - Summer  Collection 2012 is also available in Carolina Herrera's Colombian Boutiques, this time the inspiration was totally preppy and ivy, the clothes is perfect for men who want to look sophisticated and classic. Different kind of blue, red, coral, pink, and green; are some of the colors two can have in different kind of fabrics like linen, knitwear, and cotton.

 March 15th - 2012

Falabella inspired its latest campaign on three international bloggers, "Brianda Fitz, Laura Hayden, and Aida Domenech". This time the chilean brand store wanted to leave behind the celebrities faces and put real people instead. 
"Fashion Changed" is one of the slogan they used to support this huge phenomenon which generates trend in the streets.

  This campaign is closely linked with social networks, Falabella thinks bloggers are not only people who make fashion comments, they also have an influence on fashion and are creating a new communication generation. 
Each one of these three bloggers represent a different style. Bianca has an etnic, grunge mood; Laura has metalic glam style; and Aida reflects an interest in vanguard and geometry. 
  Is the first time in Colombia, that a brand is committed to this trend as its communication backbone, the proposal in fashion and style to their clients.                

February 2th - 2012

The traditional brand KEIHL'S from New York opened the first shop in Bogota, now Colombian men and women would be able to buy high quality products for skin care, hair care, and body care.

KIEHL was created in 1951, it started as a very small place in West Village,  since then the quality of the products have got such as good results that now they have several shops around the world like: Paris, Milan, LondON, Dubai, Mexico, Hong Kong, Sidney, Mexico, Madrid, and other countries.

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