miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Little Lucía.

Natalia Criado Colombian creative-designer was born in 1984. As a child
she begins to collect all kind of tiny objects in her grand pas trunk of
memories, what later on will come to be her inspiration for Little Lucia.

After finishing her studies in Industrial Design at Milano Italy, Natalia
Criado went back to her home town in Bogota-Colombia, were she found
herself inspired by memories,traditions, colors and materials. In 2007 she
opens her own design studio called ¨Orto¨ which in Italian means orchard,
so she cultivates ideas that grow and bloom into creative concepts. Taking
part on different events in Bogota, Milan and Tokyo she found a wide
variety of public amazed by her work.

Little Lucia is a jewelry brand founded on 2009. Ll born with
the idea of taking piñata party and tiny elements to turn them into lovely
and quirky Jewelry with a little touch of elegance perfect to compliment
outfits and give them a playful twist.

A delicate mix of materials combine with gold, silver, crystals and
pearls; plus an insightful meaning that everyone found in Little Lucia, a
moment, a memory, a poem is what makes it special.


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