viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

JUAN, another option for men!

JUAN™ is a menswear fashion design project, a label directed to men eager for fashionable contemporary design ideas, JUAN is an intelectual, classic but subversive menswear fashion label.
JUAN is a project born in New York City in 2007 and actually located in Bogotá; the designers, Gustavo Lozano and Viviana Lozano are the creators of this fashion concept. JUAN is an imaginary character able to live within each one of the creations of the label. JUAN is a lifestyle, a character who resembles the present life of smart people, eager of new experiences and independence. The designers created the label as a unique concept of lifestyle, far from the stereotypes and solid in a reality dealt with creativity, suspense and merrymaking.

JUAN is always reinventing himself.

JUAN™ is a youthful project stimulating menswear fashion concepts, offering the possibility of inspiration on ideas as reality, emotions and daily life. Fashion as a way of expression, anxiety of a present, future and a divergent world.

Pictures: CAMO

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