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Long time friends Diana Triana and Margarita Sarmiento have been fascinated by the world of fashion since they were little girls. The DVOTIO girls have recently decided to put their creativity and ideas together.

At first, the young duo designed their own clothing and accessories. After receiving many compliments from family and friends they were encouraged to share their quirky creations with others. The girls’ designs hit the spot with women of all ages and their accessories quickly sold out. Orders rolled in and the girls decided to set up their very own label.

The name DVOTIO comes from the Latin word for devotion, which represents Diana and Margarita’s passion and dedication for what they do, including their complete devotion to their fashion creations.

Their collection, be me, was launched a few months ago in “The Doors to Heaven,” one of Bogotá, Colombia’s most stylish markets. The collection features necklaces that come with a set of 9 cute charms, including the Eiffel Tower, Keys, and Skulls. Their most coveted charms are shaped like various countries all over the world- customers can choose any country they wish.

Their collection, El Divino DVOTIO, is centered on hair accessories, in particular bows, “A bow is very traditional, but you can change your outfit so much with it, and nowadays it’s become a real trend- often an extravagant touch to your outfit,.”
DVOTIO bows can be worn in your hair or pinned to your shoes, sandals, clothes, leggings, and even necklaces.

The DVOTIO girls chose bows and these particular quirky designs of charms because they believe they are “timeless fashion accessories that add a feminine and simple look to any outfit. They can be extravagant additions to an otherwise plain outfit. The limits of what you can do with these accessories are determined by your personality and imagination.”

The girls are now exporting their designs to Europe and Canada and they are hoping to expand to more countries to spread what they call their “DVOTION to fashion,” keeping up the same spirit, energy and enthusiasm they have since the beginning of their fashion dream.

Margarita and Diana are both still attending University – but with a few years of experience under their belts, these gorgeous Colombian designers have some sound advice for other up-and-coming designers: Fide et Amore (Faith and Love).

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