sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

MARCELA GREENE. "Colombian Couture"

The Colombian designer Marcela Greene present her latest collection Couture 2011. Inspired by Marie Anthoniette, Marcela created an exquisite collection divided in two parts. The first one are beautiful long dresses, in finest fabrics like silk, laces, veils, guipures, chantillys, and organzas. Every dress was done by hand and each one has special gems, stones, crystals, sequins, and beads in different kind of colors. These dresses are perfect for balls, red carpets, marriages parties, and opera's gales. Each one is customized to the client shape, and making one of these can take between two or four weeks.

The second part of Marcela Greene's collection, are lovely cocktail dresses, very apropiated to sophisticated and glomorous woman. This type of clothes is less elegant but it keeps the essence of Marcela's couture. These dresses are also made by hand, with finest elements and customized to the clients shape. Marcela tried to take the couture not only to the elegant and fancy events, but also to a less formal situations which are perfect for these kind of dresses.

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