martes, 9 de agosto de 2011


During two weeks will be exhibited and of course for sale the latest collection presented in Colombiamoda 2011 by the colombo-italian brand "LEITMOTIV". The exhibition is located at Olga Piedrahita's boutique in Bogota.

Today was the openning night of Leitmotiv's exhibition. My dear friend and fashion designer Nathalia Ordoñez and I were invited to a lovely cocktail in Olga Piedrahita's boutique. People from the fashion business like editors, bloggers, fashion designers, and some others; went to the event; which I really got surprised!!. The boutique's decor was amazing... I loved it!! All the walls and the floor had messages written in spanish. cookies and biscuits were located in every corner, all of them made part of the decor too. There was also a whole wall covered of chacolate, and big cakes over a bed... averything was wonderful, the clothes looked gorgeous between all those things!!. I could realized that not all the clothes I saw in Colombiamoda' show, is exhibited there; only specific pieces of the collection for men & women can be bought.

On the second floor, you can also find Olga Piedrahita's latest collection, which I really love. The last three pictures you can see in this post are accessories from her.I want to thank Olga Piedrahita and her daughter Danielle Lafaurie for this night, I really aprecciate all the support they have been giving to different designers, specially the youngest.

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