domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012


NEON MAGAZINE invited students and proffesionals in design to a wonderful cocktail at the spanish restaurant "La Puerta Grande" in Bogota - Colombia. Around one hundred people (designers, photographers, bloggers, artists) went to the activity. Three conferences with different specialists on trends, creativity, and marketing; took the first part of the cocktail. 

After all those interesting conferences and a delicious spanish meal the last part of the activity "Speed Meeting" started!! Twelve people with different skills on specific areas were interviewed by the attendees. Every interview in groups of four people took five minutes each, so every five minutes groups had to move to a new interview with a different person. 

FASHIONTASTER's editor "Juan Diego Perdomo" was invited to take part of the group of people to be interviewed by the attenders. They asked him about his experience with FASHIONTASTER.

Here, some pictures of the SPEED MEETING...

4 comentarios:

  1. Se ve muy interesante el evento, pero no se vale que publiques la invitación cuando el evento ya ha pasado, me hubiera gustado mucho ir.!! Porfaaaaa invita a tus lectores antes


  2. Wow, parece haber sido muy divertido, que linda iniciativa!


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