lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Laura Laurens the designer and creator of  La Casa de Greta, a fantastic place located in Chapinero where women can find the most incredible pieces inspired by the twenties, fourties, sixties, and seventies. A strong vintage inspiration mixed with a touch of avant garde can be found on fabrics, prints, and colors typical from past dacades.
Laura describes her clothes style as an experimental design, she wants to create new types of silhouettes and multifunctional clothes; a dress from La Casa de Greta can be worn in different ways, so you can have two or three dresses in one. Layers are also important for Laura's designs, she loves to make pieces with lots of layers from different textures, "the contrast in colors and fabrics make pieces more unique and interesting" replies the designer. 
La  Casa de Greta is presenting the Spring - Summer  collection called "Greta entre las sombras" in Colombiamoda 2012, the collection is inspired by Ninjas garments, specially the ones women still wear, they are called "Kunachi". Oversize and amorphous silhouettes, Manga cartoons printed on natural silks, and laser cuts on leather pieces; are some of the elements we will find on this collection. 
Before I finish this post, here you have one of my favorite pieces I found yesterday, this poncho dress made of neoprene is absolutly gorgeous, I really loved  the mix of colors, the asymmetry and symmetry at the same time between cuts and shapes, and the oversize silhouette perfect for all type of bodies.

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