domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


Few days ago I had the pleasure to visit the factory of  NORA LOZZA in Bucaramanga - Colombia, where almost 70 artisans work there. The factory is located in a big fifth floor in Bucaramanga's downtown, and every single bag, belt, and leather goods from NORA LOZZA are made inside this place, it's a 100% colombian product of high quality and tradition. Handcrafted luxury are the perfect words to describe the work these people do every day. I also had the opportunity to see how they make the most iconic bag from NORA LOZZA "Heráldica bag", where artisans take almost five hours making this bag, and it's 100% handcrafted. Most of the leather used for NORA LOZZA´s goods comes from Argentina, Italy, and Colombia; the same thing happens with hardware and zippers, most of them come from Italy. One of the things I really love from this big family is how important are workers for Nora Lozza, who replies the company has a very strong social sense; some of the workers have bought their homes by a funding system they invented. I am very proud of this colombian company which has achieved important goals and development to the colombian  industry through quality, exclusivity, and perfection.

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