miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

STYLE LESSONS: Talking about the perfect sunglasses!!

I'm a really fan of collecting unusual frames and new sunglasses from different brands. There was a time where my favorites were the wayfarer ones, then aviators became in my favorites, and now I can feel a big obsession by the ones with circular frames, which I called "The John Lennon Style". Before following a trend you must know what type of face shape you have, for example my face is circular, so it's important not to wear small frames because the cheeks will look bigger. People with a thin face could almost wear every type of frames, however I recommend not to wear big frames, otherwise your face will be hided behind them; medium ones are perfect. 

Be sure to find sunglasses with UV protection, it's better to invest a little more on a good sunglasses than maybe cause any damage to your eyes. 

Picture from tammythefox.com

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