lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Not everybody speak PRADA!

Have you ever taken out a piece from your outfit just because someone told you that it did not match well?

Well... Maybe he\she was not right!. Your friend does not have the same fashion sensibility you have, and probably the piece you removed from the look was the special touch of personality it needed to be perfect.

Don't trust on strangers! that's what moms say. Don't trust on basic people! that's what I say to you. Not everybody underestand the language that few people know, I mean "the fashion language".

How can I recognize if a person underestands fashion?

  • Perfect mix: It's important to match the colors correctly, it does not matter if there are several colors in an outfit; the most important thing is that all the colors look well to the eyes. Use happy colors for the summer and basic colors for the winter; white is used for winter and summer. Prints are also used for winter and summer, do not worry to mix prints at the same time; animal prints look better with geometrics prints, and floral ones with moles and squares prints. Don't forget to use lightweight fabrics for summer and heavy fabrics for winter.

  • Sexy, not vulgar: Sexiness is not synonymous of vulgar. I do not know why some people think it's sexy showing as more skin they can in their outfits? First, you have to know your body; and then realized how to dress correctly according with your figure. If you have a slim silhouette, you can use short skinny dresses and show your legs, or you can wear dresses with plunging necklines on the breasts. Make sure not to show legs and breasts at the same time; it rests elegance to the woman. If your figure is not slim at all, cover your legs as much as posible, you can use necklines on the breasts, and sometimes let the back exposed; try not to use skinny clothes, light colors, lines and big prints; the most convenient silhouette for you is "A" (narrow on the top, and width at the end).
  • Risky, not flashy: You can take risks at the moment of dress, but taking those risks is not put on a costume. People think that as more weird clothes they wear, more fashion they will look like!; and that's not true. You can add elements to your outfit if they work as a special complement for the look. Do not put more than two accesories on your look. If you are going to wear jewlery, try not to mix differents metals. Shoes not necessarily have to match with the bag and the belts either.
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