jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Yes, they are only five!

Fashion weeks already ended leaving us interesting trends and amazing stagins as the John Galliano, Viktor & Rolf, Chanel , and Dsquaredª runway shows; The extravaganza characteristic of Alexander McQueen shows was missed in the Paris fashion week this time. However the last 16 looks from McQueen walked in a sober runway showing once again the extraordinary talent this designer had.

More than 150 designers showed their last collections in fashion weeks of Paris, New York , London, and Milan; but here I have my top 5 best collections this season:

"Sexiness" is a very good adjective to describe the last collection of Dan and Dean Caten the designers of Dsquared presented in Milan. this time the label forgot the preppy classic trend, and showed skinny silhouettes, letting the leather and black as the principal protagonists of these marvelous creations. The typical "denim" and the fresh appearance used in the past collections of Dsquared, were replaced by Red latex leggings, leather motorcycle jackets, feathers, and jersey dresses; making the women stronger and more confident.

LANVIN:"Chic-ness", would be the adjective for Lanvin collection created by Albert Elbaz inspired by Africa this time. Once again the short draping dresses appear in the last collection of Lanvin; influenced by the 80's and a little of 70's, making an perfect mix with all the luxury goods designed with a strong african influence. The matte palette of colors and the tight silhouettes of the long and short dresses help every women to look like very sophisticated.

GARETH PUGH: "Leathered" ... undoubtedly leather is my favorite this season! and Gareth Pugh worked perfectly this material in every piece of his collection. Tight pants, wide pants boots, long coats, and high boots; make an interesting convination where the "A" silhouette is the constant in each look. Structured pieces with asymmetric
cuts achieve a very striking visual effect.

HERMÈS: "Masculin" looks proposed la maison Hermès this season, and guess what's the constant in this collection? ... Yes, it's leather!. Baggy cloth pants, leather leggings and short pencil skirts are the complements of the men shirt, XL ties, bowler hats , and long leather coats; achieving an androgen 70's trend.

BALENCIAGA: "Colorfull" prints used Nicolas Ghesquière the designer of Balenciaga. The age of the 70's mixed with some futuristic elements and cuts make this collection very special and difficult to understand. materials as plastic, cashmere, and foam; make each piece of clothes a masterpiece that you can put on and walk with it on the street. Shoes are my favorites this time! it's amazing how differents fabrics and forms match pefectly. What about the color? they seem like spring, don't they? well... I think that one of the most important things here is the color pallete they used... No words!

Pictures from:

jakandjil.com, thesartorialist.blogspot.com, fashiontoast.com, style.com, gq.com, elle.com

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