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COLOMBIAMODA 2011. Best Collections !!!


Olga Piedrahita in colaboration with other fifteen creatives made a marvellous collection for the openning of Colombiamoda 2011. Retro inspiration was transformed in varguardism, for a very glamorous, futuristic, and fashionable women. Colors like gray, militar green, burned yellow, squares prints,and some of beige; used the designer in oversized and straight silhouettes. Kimono's silhouettes were also in some looks. My favorite thing were the accessories which made the perfect balance during the show; big bags made of natural reptil skin, a curious type of glasess with chains and some other with lumps of cement, and platforms oxford shoes which I really loved!!. Piedrahita's show was one of my favorite because of its taste, styling, staging, and music; the show looked very international.



The colombo - italian label LEITMOTIV was incharged of Colombiamoda's closure 2011. Fabio Sasso (Italian) and Juan Caro (Colombian) presented a collection inspired by french landscapes, where all kind of colors and prints mix where protagonists. Floral, architectual, and tropical prints; were relevant. Light and silky textures, with some others like manipulated cottons and transparencies in organza; made confortable and relaxed silhouettes mixed with a fifties mood.

Shoes and bags had colorfull prints too, digital prints mixed together seem to be the top trend for LEITMOTIV. I am sure this trend will be quite acceptable by athentic, risky, and with sense of fashion women.


JORGE DUQUE (Medellín)

The winner of Project Runway Latinamerica Jorge Duque and his label DUQUEVELEZ, had the first show in Colombia. Jorge Duque from Medellin, presented and exquisite collection with beautiful fabrics and accessories. Fractus was the name Jorge gave to this collection where the color took and important roll. Beautiful cocktail dresses well tailored, jumpsuits, long dresses; were some of my favorite pieces. Some of them had symetric cuts letting see part of the skin of the models which I think they looked sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Kaleidoscopic color prints appeared in blouses, pants, skirts, and short dresses. Loose and tight silhouettes in silk, leather, and some of wool; were the fabrics chosen by the designer.

My favorite piece were the shoes!. High gemoetric structures made of wood and leather in different colors took the breath of all the people who watched the show. Bags were done based from a skeleton leather structure covering the layer of the bag.



Natalia Criado is the jewllery and accessories designer from the label LITTLE LUCIA. "Once upon time" was the name natalia gave to this new collection, taking unconventional elements such as plastic animal figures, tassels, fringes, and some other copper figures with gold layers. Maxi neckles, maxi rings, and bracelets with such as good taste seem to be taken from a fary tale. The styling was in charge by the designer and stylist Aysha Bilgrami, long skirts in pastel and silky white shirts where the canvas where natalia exhibited her pieces. Undoubtedly the maximalism proposed by Natalia, will be a new reason for take new risks and trends in accessories and jewllery.



Pepa Pombo's daughter Mónica Holguín presented an exquisite collection inspired by kinetic art. Colors contrasts in every piece made of this collection one of my favorite. As every one know, Pepa Pombo's ADN is based on knitting clothes, this time they used special knitting techniques with six different types of fibers, gotting interesting results with floral and geometric figures which seemed to be printed in the clothes. The knitting techniques used by the designer is such as sophisticated that the clothes didn't seem to be knitted. Loose silhouettes and a very strong seventies mood was the proposal of Mónica for this season.

Accessories were great, pectorals and maxi bracelets made of beads in different colors accompained each outfit; High leather boots in different colors, specially at the heel part were each of them had an acid color contrasted with an neutral one.


LINA CANTILLO (Barranquilla)

Roma is the name Lina Cantillo gave to her latest colection spring - summer 2012. Lina used recycled materials mix with manipulated cottons, leather, and natural fibers; in earth colors such as beige, sand, and ocher. Pastel colors like sky blue and white, contrated with an intense navy blue; made of this palette exquisite. Worn effects in jackets and pants, roman sandals, scarfs with laser square cuts; were some the elements you could find in this collection.

Silhouettes were tight in pants and blazer jackets; and loose in jumpers and amazing long tunics. I really loved the last outfit, a white suit made of a bright fabric with a sky blue bowtie looked beautiful. The make up and hair styling was really good, black eyes and gold skins and hair made models look like roman gods.



Romance and sophistication was seen during Beatríz Camacho's latest collection. This designer is famous because of the subtle sensuality she puts in every piece she makes. Fluid clothes and gauzy fabrics gave a feeling of tranquility and wholeness. Details like feathers, embroidery, and metal elements; were the "plus" in every piece.

Oversize accessories like neckleces with precious stones and oldy metals elements, wooden wedges, high platforms made of python skin, and big bags made of natural skins; made of this collection the most glamorous.



This couple of brother & sister Viviana and Gustavo Lozano presented the collection "Fever" inspired by african landscapes and tribes. JUAN is a new concept of men clothing with special characteristics like skinny silhouettes, urban mood, and rock n' roll inspiration. Fever had amazing pieces such as leather jackets some of them with fringes, sport pants called "joggers" some of them with tribal prints in stretch cotton, skinny shorts some of them made of denim, and my favorite, tribal prints on t-shirt and shirts made of cotton; all of them in different kind of colors. Tight blazers combined with sport pieces was my favorite look, it shows a man not to clasic and not too casual, a perfect balance.

Earth colors like beigue, terracotta, and orcher; conbined with black , gray, and ice denim blue; were the colors chosen by Viviana and Gustavo for this collection. Accessories like John Lennon sunglasses, boots, sandals, big bags, and platform shoes; are also important to be mentioned.



Amelia Toro is one of my favorite colombian designers. Inspired by Piet Mondrian, Amelia Took geometrical elements to built her latest collection. Seventies mood mixed with the typical romance of Toro; made of these clothes perfect for fresh, glamorous, and very romantic women. Pistachio, brown, white, black, light blue, light yellow, and organic prints of leaves and flowers; were the colors chosen by the designer this time. Loose and confortable sihouettes in long and short dresses, masculin shirts, and "A" shape skirts; are the most representatives pieces Amelia showed during the catwalk.

Amelia took masculin elements like the typical shirt and made almost all the clothes inspired by this piece. There were also strong structures details in shoulders, elbows, and neck; dresses structured were my favorite pieces.



The brazilian - japanese designer Akihito Hira called his latest collection for spring - summer 2012 "Botanist". The designer was inspired by gardens. Structured pieces like jackets and vests, in beautiful colors like pastel green, blue, white,and navy blue; made of this collection my favorite for men. Jackets which seem to be vests, shirts which seem to be jackets, shorts which seem to be shirts; is the new porposal by this designer. Details were amazing and perfect, fabrics were gorgeous, and the square prints too.

Akihito's trend is the perfect for a vanguardism men, who like to be fashion all time, and who want to be different.


SILVIA ALFONZO (Bucaramanga)

Silvia Alfonzo was inspired by the work of María Fernanda Moreno a colombian plastic artist. Silvia's latest collection spring - summer 2012 recived the name of "Suspiro - Sigh". Romantic and avand-garde woman would definitly buy clothes from Silvia Alfonzo. Delicated fabrics like chiffon, silk, and cotton; in neutral and happy colors like blue, beige, cahmel, coral, black; and some degrade colors with birds prints; made of this collection very glamorous and exquisite.

My favorite looks were some made with an amazing transparent fabric with gold sleaves details, so chic!!. Calm and flowing silhouettes some of them inspired by seventies and fifties, colors, and materials of this collection, could be perfect for summer and also for winter if you choose the correct complements for your outfits.



The talented designer Carlos Valenzuela used soft materials like cotton and stretch cottton for this collection. Structured pieces like jackets and coats for men and women in black, gray and white make of this clothes perfect for summer and winter. Sport mood mixed with traditional sartorial tailoring was my favorite part,it makes men not to see classic enough.

All pictures from CAMARA LÚCIDA.

*** Click in "older posts" to watch the street style from Colombiamoda 2011.

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