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BEST COLLECTIONS. Cali Exposhow 2011


Johanna Ortíz presented one of her best collections ever! This time she used lots of stone details and feathers in loose textures like silk and cotton. Color palette had neutral colors like black, white,and beige; however royal blue was the color chosen by the designer to make little contrast in the collection. Silhouettes were very soft and sexy, most of the pieces were long and short dresses; Masculin inspiration were also in some structured pieces like blazers with different cuts and trousers. This collection is perfect for very sensual, young, and confident women; who always want to look radiant and sexy.          


Knitting work was seen in most of Maria Luisa Ortíz latest collection, however fabrics like silk, chiffon, taffeta, and transparencies were also used by the designer. This collection is just perfect for a sophisticated, elegant, and very glamorous woman; pastel colors like pink, green, and lavanda, were perfect for this collection inspired by flowers. Silhouettes inspired by the sixties and a little bit of forties and twenties were also present in the clothes shape. One thing I really like about this collection was the knitting work, all these pieces were done in a very small town in Colombia called Cucunubá by artisans. 


 Renata Lozano is one of my favorite Colombian designers, her style is always fresh, classy, and very feminine; this time she used laces, guipiur, silks, chiffon, and some other fabrics with a high level of transparence. Renata also took masculin elements like shirts, blazers, and pants; mixing them with feminin pieces for a perfect balance. Pale colors like nude, beige, gray, some of burn yellow, and a little of brown; make an excellent contrast with a beautiful redv pieces in the last looks of the collection.   


Carlos Arturo Zapata presented an exquisite collection using Haute Couture techniques in long and short dresses, skirts, and shirts. Beautiful white dresses at the beginning of the show in eyelets, chantillys, and guipurs; were my favorite piece; all of them had a great work in Swarovski crystals embroidered.   

Pictures courtesy from CAMARA LÚCIDA

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  1. Todas las colecciones me encantaron, pero para mi johanna ortiz se destaca entre todas!

  2. Muy buena feria este año lo mejor fue MOSCHINO EXCELENTES creaciones... Y por Colombia me encantó la pasarela de Johanna Ortiz.


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