miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

POLITE. Spring - Summer Collection 2012

Carlos, Diana, and Natalia Polite are the creators of the brand POLITE; they kindly invited me today to their showroom for watching the latest collection "Circus" spring - summer 2012. This was the first time I went to see clothes from POLITE; I had heard lots of good things about the quality, technology, and desing from this label specialized on women clothing.

I interviewed Carlos who is the Creative Director from POLITE, he says this time he wanted to put color on this collection ,"the past ones were colorless" he replies. Pastel colors in pink, green, blue, and yellow; were some of the colors chosen by Carlos. Animals figures like cats and dogs were printed in some  fabrics next to some other prints of trapeze artists and jugglers, "All these prints tell a story" says Carlos. 

Transparencies were almost in every piece, fabrics like silk, cotton, and an amazing fabric I really loved called spicer; which is used on the wetsuits. Carlos describes POLITE style like a romantic Minimalism, he mixes elements of the minismalism wave like soft and clean silhouettes with romantic elements like prints and spaceial details like ruffles, and drapes.   

Pictures courtesy from POLITE

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