jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

FALABELLA. "HOT2012" Campaign

Yesterday I was invited to a bloggers meeting at Magnolio Restaurant in Bogota. Falabella, a chilean mega brand store chose three european bloggers as the image of its latest campaign "HOT2012". My friend Geraldine Lustgarten who also has a fashion blog and I were the first ones to arrive, the meeting was on the top floor of the restaurant; there, they had a rak with some pieces of the collection, and accessories were displayed on a pool table. It was easy to realize that this collection is according to some of the global trends. 

 Bloggers arrived, and also lots of drinks and delicious food, I met new bloggers from Medellin and Bogota. The first ones were invited (plane tickets, hotel, driver) by falabella for this meeting, I was really surprised!, now I feel blogs are taking the fashion world!! hahahahahaha!. I think it was a very nice gesture from Falabella to invite bloggers from different parts of Colombia just for the meeting. 

The marketing manager Lucas Chavez, and the Product Manager Nicole Kabierschke; made a short presentation of the campaigns and show us some videos of the making of. They explain why bloggers are important to Falabella, and reasons why they decided not to use celebrities faces this time. I think Colombian bloggers felt really important this time, and that's the way it must be since now; Colombian fashion industry has to realize blogs are the future in communication. 

2 comentarios:

  1. Que bueno ese meeting!!! Acá recien nos están empezando a apreciar las marcas! Sólo una generó un espacio blogger. Espero que se siga expandiendo todo esto!


  2. Me encanta que estén empezando a mostrar este tipo de iniciativas las marcas y empresas del país.


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