domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

JUAN. Circulo de la Moda de Bogota 2012

Inspired by the "air" and "water" Gustavo and Viviana Lozano presented their recent collection for fall-winter 2012.  Bright textures like Taffeta, silk, and velvet; where perfectly mixed with heavy knitting, cotton, and wool. Skinny silhouettes on blazers and pants once again showed the preference of these young designers by slim young men. I really liked the blazers lenght, they go perfectly with ankle pants as you can see on the pictures. I really loved the variety of colors you can find on this collection, this time Gustavo and Viviana decided to take a risk and try new colors and interesting prints on shirts and pants. Shoes were also great I will definitly buy a pair of them as soon as they be available in the store. Styling was in charge of Aysha Bilgrami a blogger friend who has also worked as a stylist for Leal Daccarett, I love the work she made here, every outfit was perfect. 


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