sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

SILVIA ALFONZO. Circulo de la Moda de Bogota 2012


Forces of  Nature is the name of Silvia Alfonzo's Fall - Winter Collection 2012. She was inspired by different nature reactions such as storms, drought, frost, and rain; most of them represented on different kind of hand made prints. I really admire the work this designer made with digital prints and silkscreen. The color palette was really rich, I found white, black, different kind of blue, purple, and yellow. Silhouettes tight and loose, peplum skirs and jackets, symmetric and asymmetric cuts, and art deccó prints; were the most representative elements of Silvia's collection. My favorite pieces were the asymmetric skirts and the peplum jackets, They look gorgeous and well done.  

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