jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

ROHKA. Circulo de la Moda de Bogotá 2012

When I knew ROHKA was comming to Bogota I was really excited to watch the fall - winter collection 2012. I had seen ROHKA during Plataforma K two years ago in Barranquilla and it was great. As that time, Rohka made a performance where models walked around people and stay like statues in specific areas. Lights where off during the show so it was really difficult so see the collection very well, that's why my pictures don't look well. At the end of the show lights where turned on and models went inside de backstage. The colection had a fifties influence, a lot of skirts with volumes at the waist high, loose and straight silhouettes were also important during the show. Colors this time were blue, white, some dots prints, and a kind of colorful print with the image of somewhere in Paris.

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