sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011


Valerie is a young 23 years old girl who lives in Barranquilla – Colombia, and studied fashion design and image consultancy.  She started doing her own accessories and then realized they were great! Everybody was asking where she bought them; “it was the start point of Valerie Silebi Accessories” she replies in an interview for FASHIONTASTER.
For her necklaces and bracelets she uses different kind of materials such as acrylic, crystals, stones, and plastic; Valerie thinks these accessories are perfect for women who want t feel different, fresh, and of course sophisticated.  

The prices of these accessories are around 40 dollars and 120 dollars each, according to the materials. You can get them in ZUBE Pop – Up store in Bogota, or you can contact her by Facebook: ValerieSilebi Joyeria, and make an online order.   

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