viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012


Designer Isabel Henao and one of the models wearing her clothes

Designs by Renata Lozano

Designs by María Luisa Ortíz

Jewelry Designer Mercedes Salazar and a model wearing her accessories
 Designs by Camilo Álvarez

Falabella in colaboration with five colombian designers released "COLOMBIA DISEÑA", a wonderful project where Maria Luisa Ortíz, Mercedes Salazar, Camilo Álvarez, Renata Lozano, and Isabel Henao; created special edition collection to be sold in Falabella Stores since now. This type of colaboration wants to democratize fashion by selling colombian designers clothes in low prices. INEXMODA support was indispensable to make this project become true, however I think the selection of the designers was not democratic enough, if you see, most of them are from Medellin, these things are not weird in Colombia when a company from Medellin is involved in any project; that's why... I hope next time they also include a fashion designer for menswear. 

I want to congratulate and thank Falabella and Inexmoda for such as incredible project... Well done! that's all I want to say. 

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